Sexual Rights and SIECUS

September 15, 2009 | NeW Staff

Dr. Miriam Grossman, the author of “You’re Teaching my Child What?” recently appeared on the Michael Medved show to debate the Vice President of Information and Education of the Sexual Information and Education Council, Martha Kempner. SIECUS is the lead architect behind Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) which is rapidly replacing Abstinence until Marriage curriculums across the nation.

Dr. Grossman, however, offered startling facts to counter SIECUS’ public claims which mislead parents into thinking that “their child’s health” is the main priority. In reality, SIECUS adopts different policy statements, depending on the audience, and is keeping the primary audience, students, in the dark. CSE’s material for teens focus on sexual rights and the “freedom” teens have to make their own decisions at any age, regardless of what adults think.

Dr. Grossman cites the CSE pamphlet, Talk About Sex, as a prime example of how SIECUS is misinforming kids and leaving out the main premise for safe sex—abstinence. Talk About Sex “enlightens” students that “sexuality is a part of who you are” and that “everyone has their own way of expressing their sexuality.” Kids can then flip through the pamphlet and learn about their “sexual rights” which include; the right to choose how much risk one is willing to take sexually, the right to participate in whichever behaviors one is most comfortable with, and the right to express one’s sexuality—and how to do it. Funny, I can’t remember reading about sexual rights in the constitution, nor do I remember learning that sexuality is a “right.”

The problem with assuming that sexuality is a right, that is then constitutionally protected, is the same problem politico-talking heads are assuming in explaining why health care, education or food is a “right. Constitutional rights are intended to protect us from things: intimidation, illegal search and seizure, self-incrimination—rights protect us from the power of government. So, why are sexual rights in the same category? If we do not stand up for sexual freedom, than the government is going to take away the ability for men and women to have sex? I doubt that.

To put it simply: when we insist on these so-called “rights” we are actually putting the power back in the hands of the government, something the founders would cringe at if they knew. When we rely on the government to give us health care, education and sexual freedom, we indebt ourselves and owe our existence to someone else. Sound familiar? It should. Some people call it slavery. But I won’t go that far.

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