Senior Spotlight: Taylor McLamb

January 15, 2017 | NeW

As we near the end of the school year, we would like to take a moment to celebrate some of the seniors we have graduating and to thank them for their hard work for NeW. Today’s Spotlight is on Taylor McLamb, founder and president of NeW at North Carolina State University.

Taylor McLambHow did you get involved with NeW?

As a freshman, I became involved with the College Republican chapter. From this outlet, I simply received an email that had been passed down from several people involved in NeW on a national level that there was interest in starting up NeW chapters across the state. It seemed like my ‘niche’, and I soon started a chapter at NC State.

What is one thing you gained from NeW?

I gained the skills I needed, especially upon entering college, that allowed me to form a network of conservative women not only at my university but in the surrounding community.

How Did NeW shape your college experience?

I was able to gain more insight into the feminist movement – learning about the original feminists, what their intentions were, and to garner that learning and experience into my classrooms.

What is your favorite part of NeW? Your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is collaborating meetings, dinners, and events with surrounding NeW chapters including Meredith College and UNC Chapel Hill. I was presented with the opportunity to meet political commentators including S.E. Cupp and Mary Katharine Ham – both would not have been possible without NeW.

What will you miss most about NeW?

I will miss the networking and events. I will also miss the great young women I’ve had the opportunity to work and meet with.

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to NeW ladies following you?

Don’t listen to the liberal feminists and the left, they’re ideology is completely outdated. Conservative women are forward thinkers and don’t waste time accepting any type of ‘victim card’. Create these networks of conservative women and utilize them as a way to communicate and stand together against the left.

What are your plans after graduation?

Currently I am interning at the State Legislature. I am hoping that I will be able to receive a lead here or somewhere in the Raleigh area to continue to work within and for the conservative movement.

Thanks for all your hard work for NeW, Taylor. We’ll miss you!

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