Secret Life: Perfect Life?

September 6, 2011 | Elizabeth

On Monday night, The Secret Life of the American Teenager concluded it fourth season. If you’ve never watched it on ABC Family before, it’s about a girl, Amy, who gets pregnant at the start of high school by a guy named Ricky. She goes through stages of hiding the pregnancy, wanting to have an abortion, having the baby, dating other boys at school, almost getting married, breaking up and then this season going out with the father and moving in with him. Then, she gets engaged to him – the one thing she has wanted from the start.

This show may be watched by some college-aged viewers, but its target is middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. I actually watched the show to screen it for my younger sisters, since my Mom was unsure of what its message really was. I was instantly appalled and turned it off in a few minutes. The show is really quite graphic and descriptive, and while it tries to be informative,  it’s an information overload – and definitely deemed inappropriate for my sisters, and for me.

However, I continued to follow the show a little..not as a loyal follower, but because I was so intrigued by what message it was sending to young, innocent girls like my sisters.  One of the biggest concerns that I have is the depiction of the secret life…as the possible perfect life.

Amy ends up getting everything she wants. Yes, the journey of being pregnant in high school has its bumps in the road…but her parents gave her everything she wanted, watched her baby, got her a car, let her move in with her boyfriend when she wanted, etc. Although that’s not really my idea of perfect, it does give girls the illusion that everything will work out fine and the outcomes of poor decisions will be taken care of by others. It is a horrible agenda being pushed, one that leads little girls to think they can hook-up without any consequences.

What’s your take on the show? Do you think it’s helping or hindering the little girls of society?

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