Saving the Gentlemen and Making the Headlines

February 5, 2010 | NeW Staff

The NeW women at Arizona State University are on a quest.  A quest to reignite chivalry and find the gentlemen on their campus.  Last year, NeW at ASU hosted its 1st Annual Gentlemen’s Showcase, and this year they are at it again.  The women have launched the 2nd Annual Gentlemen’s Showcase Video and are preparing for a bigger and better event on March 2nd.  Today, NeW at ASU’s efforts were highlighted in the ASU paper, State Press, in an article titled, “Gentlemen, start our engines.”

The article begins by describing the motivation behind the Showcase.  And it dates back a few decades.  Author Catherine Smith writes, 

“Sadly, over the past 40 years, there has been an increasing shortage of gentlemen. Starting with the bra burners of the ’60s and progressing to ‘The Vagina Monologues’ debut in 1998, women, not an evil foe, have waged a war against men. The message perpetuated by plays like ‘The Vagina Monologues’ does nothing more than villianize men, objectify women and destroy mutual respect between the sexes.”

So how do you fix this “mutual disrespect?”  By stopping the assault on women and men that modern feminism has encouraged.  And perhaps, by taking a look away from yourself and looking at the needs of others:

“To help mend this brokenness, the ASU chapter of the Network of Enlightened Women, a conservative women’s club, has instituted The Annual ASU Gentlemen’s Showcase. NeW President Blayne Bennett, said the idea behind the Showcase is ‘to encourage students to reclaim dignity and respect between the sexes.’ “

Kudos to NeW women at ASU for looking beyond themselves and taking personal responsibility to make a difference.  They see that as women if we want to bring back respect and encourage chivalry, we need to make our voices heard.  Modern feminism has sought to destroy the differences between the sexes and in fact, discourages men from being gentlemen.  Instead of promoting a victimhood mentality and blaming men for the ills of the world, the NeW women are doing something positive for both sexes.  And they are making a difference.  Stay tuned for more on this exciting NeW event!

If you haven’t yet seen the video, you can watch it below.  

NEW Gentlemen’s Showcase from Sam Pagel on Vimeo.

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