Sarah Palin and…Betty Friedan?

March 9, 2010 | NeW Staff

This past Friday I went to the Ohio Right to Life Rally with Sarah Palin as a special guest. Setting aside your political view of her, Sarah Palin is a testament to many women who have a passion for both career and family.

In her speech on Friday, she discussed the hardships of having a child with Down Syndrome and caring for 4 other children while being Governor of Alaska. Despite the hardships of balancing both career and family, she took on the challenge and came out successful. This is not to say that women who are solely housewives or career women are any less successful, but Palin shows that women have the ability to balance if they so choose.
Sarah Palin made me think about what I have been reading in
The Feminine Mystique. The author, Betty Friedan, argues that women should not only try to find fulfillment in the household, but should also pursue their passions in the career world. In a way, Sarah Palin has successfully done both – something that I think, evidently, Betty Friedan would commend.
Intentional or not, it appears that a conservative woman has fulfilled part of what Friedan wanted.

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