ReNeW Respect Between the Sexes: Donate $100 to Honor a Gentleman

March 12, 2010 | NeW Staff

Remember the good ole days?  The days when a gentleman on a college campus wasn’t such an elusive concept?  When young men didn’t think twice about opening a door for a lady, paying for her dinner on a date, or standing up to offer his seat when she entered a room?

In today’s culture “anything goes” in terms of dating, romance, and courtship. Unfortunately, gentlemen and ladies are becoming increasingly scarce. The “hook-up” culture prevails, dating is discouraged, and propriety is an antiquated concept.  

But all hope is not lost!  Upstanding gentlemen still exist.  They are the ones who carry on chivalry and gallantry while no one is watching. The women of NeW are on a quest to find and recognize these gentlemen on campus during Women’s History Month.   

Women’s History Month has become hostile towards men and laden with crudity, as exemplified by The Vagina Monologues.  NeW is challenging this pervasive culture in order to promote a positive change in the paradigm through which femininity and manhood are viewed.  NeW is hosting an Online Gentlemen’s Showcase, where any young man can be nominated by video for his outstanding gentlemanly behavior.  By encouraging chivalry, NeW hopes to restore mutual respect between the sexes.   

Will you join us in our quest?  Donate $100 to promote chivalry on campus and recognize an outstanding gentleman.  Encourage young men and women who are challenging the campus culture.  Show them that Americans still support traditional values.  With every donation, send us the name of an outstanding campus gentleman you know.  In turn, we will recognize him on our website and will send you a video of one of the NeW nominees.  May you be encouraged by those young people who fight back against campus culture and hold fast to their principles. 

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of young women and men across the country who are the future leaders of our communities.  Join us today!
If you have questions, please contact NeW’s Media Intern Rachel Kopec at [email protected]
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