Renegade Women

January 21, 2010 | NeW Staff

In the last few years, conservative women have experienced a great boost in morale due to the uprising of strong conservative women in politics. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin have given conservative women role models and reassurance that our conservative beliefs are valued. Doug Patton had a column recently published on, The Rise of the Conservative Woman, that discusses what conservative women leaders mean for the future of politics. Patton focuses on Bachmann and Palin as the new faces of women and the champions of conservative ideals. Not only do these women go against the grain of feminist thought as ardent pro-life and pro-marriage spokeswomen, but they also stand up for individual liberty, independence, and small government. 

“Women like Palin and Bachmann — attractive, conservative, content in the marriages, devoted to God, family and country — are as comfortable in politics as they are in their homes, caring for their families. They are a new breed of political woman, and they are a threat to the liberal orthodoxy. They are the true representation of American women… Liberals are angry and unhappy people, and they hate and fear the new breed of female politician represented by Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. They love liberty, and that puts them at the top of the hit list for every leftist in America.”

These women are under constant attack and scrutiny for being risk-takers and for taking stances that threaten feminist ideals and the liberal agenda. Feminist-thought was championed by the liberals and therefore the left came to represent “real” women. This left many conservative women questioning what is a “real woman”? Do my conservative values make me less of a woman? Are there any women in politics who share my values?  Alas, the conservative woman is appearing in the political arena and giving a whole generation of women an identity and encouragement to defend conservative beliefs. 

“Not since Phyllis Schlafly infuriated them with her organized opposition to the ERA in the early 1970s has anyone so unnerved the liberal forces of “hope and change.” When you hear elitists across the political spectrum vilify conservative women like Palin and Bachmann, know that it is because they fear them. Left wing politicians of either gender represent the politics of the past. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann represent the future. That makes them dangerous.”

As conservatives, we should be so proud of these renegade women for the great strides they have made in bringing attention to conservative beliefs and representing “real”  women. With women like Palin and Bachmann in politics, will the liberal left remain the refuge for women? What do you think?

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