Promoting Positive Values for Women

November 19, 2009 | NeW Staff

Women’s self-image.  We all talk about it, and we all know we are affected by our own perceptions and the perceptions of others in how we view ourselves.  As young women, this is something that women across cultural and socioeconomic lines battle.  

Last night, NeW women at the University of Kentucky gathered to talk about this very issue.  It was clear everyone in the room had seen the effects of negative self-image played out in the lives of friends, themselves, and their families.  We talked specifically about the role that the media plays in defining our self-image. Then came the question: Is it an internal battle women struggle with or does the media determine how view ourselves and others?  Both. It’s the classic “Did the chicken or the egg come first?” argument. The media affects the way we think, but they capitalize on our internal struggles with our self-image.  How do we change this?

The NeW women at UK concluded that in order to promote positive values for women, we start by encouraging each other.  For these women, NeW is a way has become an outlet where they can encourage each other to live by principles and not to give into the culture of “group-think” on campus. NeW women stand up and out for what they believe in.  A NeW way of thinking is happening at UK!

A NeW Way of Thinking! From left to right, Sarah, Rachel,
Meredith, Sarah, and Elizabeth.

UK women during their enlightening NeW discussion.
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