Panel Spotlight: Emily Ekins, Julie Germany, Alex Schriver

June 12, 2014 | NeW Team

On Friday, June 20th (a little over a week away!), NeW’s National Conference attendees will be engaging with four specialized panels composed of twelve of the most impressive conservative professionals in DC. We are excited to introduce you to the three individuals that will be conducting the final panel discussions of the Conference: How to Get Educated and Engaged in Your Community.

1. Emily Ekins (Reason Foundation)

Emily Ekins

Emily Ekins is the director of polling for Reason Foundation where she leads the Reason-Rupe public opinion research project, launched in 2011. Ms. Ekins is working on her PhD thesis in political science at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research focuses primarily on American politics, including public opinion, the Tea Party movement, survey methodology, and political economy.  Ms. Ekins’ professional experience includes quantitative analyses of the Tea Party movement for the Cato Institute, and survey analyses and case writing for Dr. Peter Tufano at the Harvard Business School. To read more about Ms. Ekins, visit

2. Julie Germany (Generation Opportunity)

Julie Germany

Julie Germany is the Vice President of Grassroots Activism at Generation Opportunity. Most recently, she was the Vice President of Digital Strategy at DCI Group. In 2011, she co-founded the mCitizen Summit with a group of mobilists in government and advocacy. In 2013, Ms. Germany served as the chairperson of the annual CampaignTech conference hosted by Campaigns & Elections Magazine. Ms. Germany previously served as the director of the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet, and as director of marketing and communications for The George Washington University’s Graduate School  of Political Management. To read more about Ms. Germany, visit

3. Alex Schriver (U.S. House of Rep.)

Alex Schriver

Alex Schriver is the Chief of Staff for U.S. Representative Bradley Byrne. He previously managed Rep. Byrne’s successful campaign in the special election for Alabama’s First Congressional District. Schriver is a former National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC). During his tenure, Schriver raised a record $16 million dollars and oversaw 75 full-time staff operating in 23 states, building the organization into the 2nd largest 527 in the country. Schriver also formerly worked at The Gula Graham Group, a Washington D.C. based political fundraising and consulting firm. To read more about Mr. Schriver, visit

If you are interested in seeing and networking with these panelists in person, RSVP today, and reserve your spot for the NeW National Conference in DC June 19- 21. We hope to see you there! Email [email protected] with any questions.

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