Over the Mountain to WMRA Radio Station

September 24, 2008 | NeW Staff

On Monday, I drove an hour from Charlottesville to Harrisonburg to be interviewed on WMRA, a Virginia NPR station.  I was live in the studio for a full hour from 3-4pm.  We talked about the founding of NeW, the fourth anniversary of NeW on Sept. 29th and gender politics in the presidential election.  The full interview is available here

On the road to Harrisonburg.

At the WMRA Studio.

I have my Network of enlightened Women t-shirt on.

I had some callers.  One feminist caller insisted that other feminists have not been attacking Palin and the media is making this up.  She put me on the spot, asking for some specific names.  I gave her some over the phone.  In case she checks this blog, I wanted to post links so some feminist critiques of Sarah Palin.  Here you go.  If you need more to be convinced, let me know.

National Organization for Women Statement on Palin
Sally Quinn, Palin’s Pregnancy Problem
Sarah Seltzer, A Feminist Appalled By Palin
Gloria Steinem, Palin: Wrong Woman, Wrong Message
Cathy Young, Why Feminists Hate Sarah Palin


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