Opportunity for NeW Women on the West Coast

October 5, 2009 | NeW Staff

If you’re a NeW woman on the West Coast, then check out these exciting upcoming opportunities. Young America’s Foundation will be hosting two conferences out West in the coming weeks:

Road to Freedom Seminar, October 15-17

West Coast Leadership Conference, November 13-14

The West Coast Leadership Conference will feature NeW’s National Conference Speaker, Kate Obenshain, an inspiring conservative woman and leader in the movement. Kate is currently a Vice President of Young America’s Foundation and is doing great things for conservatives and for the organization.

If you’re on the West Coast, these are great ways for NeW women to come together, learn about conservative principles, and hear from leaders in the movement.  If you want to connect with NeW women in attendance, please email [email protected]  Our chapters at Arizona State and Idaho are growing, let’s expand and enlighten NeW’s growth out West!

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