Opening the door is “benevolent sexism,” really?

June 16, 2011 | Karin

When I saw this headline, Men who hold open doors for women are SEXIST not chivalrous, feminists claim, I read the story.  I think you will too.  Here is the beginning of the article.

Men who open doors for women are guilty of ‘benevolent sexism’ according to a new study by feminist psychologists.

Helping the ladies choose the right computer as well as carrying their shopping are also signs of ‘unseen’ sexism in society, according to the report.

These feminists are finding sexism in more and more places.  Here is a little bit about the study that was done:

Researchers from the Society for the Psychology of Women conducted a study among workers of both genders in America and Germany.

The volunteers were asked to keep diaries in which they were asked to note examples from a long list of both sexist and non-sexist incidents – without being told what the study was for.

The list included blatant acts of sexism such as referring to women as ‘b****’ or ‘chick’ or unwanted attention from men.

But it also included acts of ‘benevolent sexism’, even romantic statements from men about how they cannot live without a woman or how much they ‘cherish’ women, said the study.

Is sexism as rampant as this article claims?  This article reminded me of the NeW Gentlemen’s Showcase.  I think the gentlemen who were nominated would see opening the door as a sign as respect, rather than covert sexism.


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