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September 22, 2009 | NeW Staff

Greetings from the West Coast!  My name is Blayne Bennett, and I am proud to be the President of NeW at Arizona State University.  I’m excited to tell you about what we’ve been up to out West…


I’m taking a class this fall titled “Critical Analysis of Emerging Business Challenges,” and we are required to participate in a semester-long blog about healthcare. At first I was shocked to be addressing such a political issue in a business class; all of the classes I had taken cautiously skirted around political issues to avoid creating conflict.  But after the initial shock, I realized that topics such as the healthcare debate can have a profound impact on the future of business, and it is imperative that our generation of future business leaders educate themselves.  NeW at ASU is sticking its nose in business affairs, and we are excited to host a Healthcare Roundtable this October!


Young America’s Foundation and the Heartland Institute are working with NeW to host the event at Arizona State.  The Heartland Institute has organized roundtable discussions from Chicago to Georgia and we are excited to bring ‘em out West.  The events are typically four hours long, but in order to cater to college students, NeW is condensing the event down to 3 hours and chopping it up in to smaller sessions with breaks in between. Students can attend sessions that interest them the most and that they have time for.  I am so excited to get people ranging from 18 to 80 of all backgrounds in the same room to talk about health care.

I encourage you to tackle this issue at a NeW meeting this Fall. Don’t know anything about the current healthcare debate?  All the more important to begin discussing it at NeW meetings!  Invite a professor or a local doctor to your meeting to get your NeW group informed. Bring in an article that addresses the issue.  Or host your own Healthcare Roundtable!

I am so incredibly proud to be a part of an organization of intellectual women that went to a shooting range last week, is hosting a tea party next week, and will host a Healthcare Roundtable next month!  We need to continue exploiting our versatility, it is one of the strongest assets a NeW woman can have.

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