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October 30, 2009 | NeW Staff

One of the goals of NeW is to cultivate a growing community of culturally conservative young women.  We have seen this network develop and expand, and we see young women daily encouraged by finding their niche in NeW.  Every chapter has their own way of getting members involved.  Here is a fun program the University of Florida Chapter came up with this year: NeWbies.

Jessica, NeW at UF’s secretary, writes, 

“NeWbies is a mentor/mentee program with the goal of building stronger friendships among NeW members. At meetings and social events, connecting with other NeW members and talking one-on-one with each other is often limited. NeWbies is a way to fix this problem. In NeW at UF, officers will contact their NeWbies to plan a time to eat lunch or grab coffee together. By conversing and sharing ideas at these lunches, NeW women can really connect individually. NeWbies is just getting together with a new friend, so participating does not require a big commitment. Sometimes NeWbies will plan regular lunches because they really enjoy them. This year, NeW at UF had 13 members (about one-half of the members) sign up for NeWbies. The sign up sheet asked interested members when they were free to meet, what their general interests were, and which tea flavor would describe them. NeWbies are matched by interests and free periods. NeW at UF plans to take our NeWbies to see Singing in the Rain next month! NeWbies is a great way to strengthen friendships within NeW.”

For other NeW chapters, if you are looking for ways to get members involved, mentoring programs are a great way to facilitate stronger bonds.  For those of you NeW women across the country who have developed other strategies for building a network, please share your stories and suggestions as well!
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