NeW Senior Spotlight: Blayne from Arizona State University

June 1, 2010 | NeW Staff

Today, NeW honors Blayne Bennett, a recent graduate from Arizona State University.  During her time as President of NeW at ASU, Blayne and her Executive Board created and hosted two Gentlemen’s Showcases, an event that NeW hosted nationally this year.  Blayne has been involved in NeW National as a blogette for the past year and also spoke at the 2008 NeW National Conference.  Congratulations, Blayne, and thank you for your enduring commitment to NeW and the student movement!

How long have you been involved in NeW?
8 Semesters

Did you hold any Leadership Positions?
I was elected as Vice President my sophomore year and President my junior and senior years.

What has been the most rewarding experience during your involvement in NeW?
The most rewarding experience has been seeing the implementation and evolution of the Gentlemen’s Showcase.  I could have never imagined what the Gentlemen’s Showcase is today.  It has been an incredible experience to see the impact the Showcase has had on men and women, both in and out of college.  So many unique and fun opportunities arose because of the Showcase, and I am lucky to have been on board!

What is something you learned in your NeW Book Club?
One of my favorite topics that our ASU chapter covered this year was healthcare.  Discussing the complex topic with the fellow women of NeW helped broaden all of our understanding of the issues and the implications of government decisions.  Healthcare was an overwhelming topic to dive into, but working through it via discussion made the issue tangible.

Do you plan to stay involved in the conservative movement and/or politics after graduation?  If so, how?
I love liberty, so it will always be a passion of mine.  I will be working for Students For Liberty in Washington, D.C., for the next year.  I am thrilled to stay involved with the student movement, since that is where I see the potential for the greatest impact.

What advice would you leave to younger members of NeW?
Put yourself in uncomfortable positions.  Scared to go to an event or conference because you think you know nothing about politics?  Go.  Afraid to do a radio interview because you might not be able to answer all of the questions?  Do it anyway.  These experiences are best to have while you are in college; you are much more easily forgiven if you do mess up!  And all the better to get your slip-ups and stumbles out of the way now!  I promise you will graduate more confident and competent if you push your comfort level.

Blayne at CPAC 2010 on the right with fellow NeW Blogettes, Rachel and Caroline.
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