NeW Honors Emerging Leader:Kelsey Budd

March 30, 2010 | NeW Staff

Today, we recognize Kelsey Budd as NeW’s Next Emerging Leader. Kelsey is the NeW Founder and President at William & Mary. 

Congratulations Kelsey!

Why did you join Network of enlightened Women?
When surveying the different student organizations present on campus, I found a void in interests represented by the conservative woman. There are groups catering towards the radical feminist and liberal mindset but there was no outlet for conservative, traditional women. The creation of NeW at William and Mary has opened a safe haven for many women on campus to feel free to speak about conservative issues facing women today and helping us spread the word to more concerned women.
When did you become passionate about issues affecting women?
I grew up in a fairly conservative household, but I became extremely passionate about issues affecting young women in high school. Specifically, much to do because of my Catholic education, I became fired up about the issue of abortion. I am extremely passionate about being pro-life and the negative effects abortion has on women post-operation. Because of my own upbringing, I am also passionate about family values and the importance of a positive, traditional, and nuclear family. 
Who are your mentors and why?
I look to my parents, as I believe they are the closest to me and most valued individuals in my life.  I am forever in debt to my parents for allowing me ample opportunities to spread my wings and develop into my potential and ability; they have always encouraged (and financed!) all of my educational, intellectual, physical, and spiritual ambitions. I also look to my ‘boss’, Alyssa Cordova, from my recent internship at the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute in Reston, Virginia. Alyssa the lecture director at CBLPI and has been wonderful in steering me in the right direction in terms of my career and life in general. The women at CBLPI are extremely strong, passionate women, and I was blessed to be surrounded by them and have their influence present and active in my life. 
What is the one book every conservative women should read?
I do believe every conservative should read Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin; it captures what it means to be a true conservative in every aspect. I believe every conservative woman should read Christina Hoff Sommers book, Who Stole Feminism?
Do you believe gentleman still exist?
Despite societal pressure to NOT be a gentleman, I do believe there are gentlemen still around, they’re just in hiding! We need to make sure they understand that women still  appreciate and ultimately want to settle down with a loyal, compassionate gentleman. I think NeW’s Gentlemen’s Showcase was a positive step in the right direction to get this viewpoint across to men and women on campus and prove that chivalry is not dead!

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