NeW Honors Emerging Leader: Molly O’Connor

March 31, 2010 | NeW Staff

Today, NeW wraps up our emerging leader spotlight by recognizing Molly O’Connor.  Molly is the President of NeW at the University of Dallas. 

Congratulations Molly!

Why did you join Network of enlightened Women? 
The idea of the group intrigued me, being pro-woman and not anti-family or anti-male is what I’ve always thought feminism should be.

When did you become passionate about issues affecting women? 
I’ve always been passionate about it. I’ve always been known to be opinionated and in high school as a member of the politics club, they wanted me to show up at meetings to have someone conservative to debate with.  I was one of the few women and even fewer conservatives active in politics in my high school.

Who are your mentors and why? 
I have many strong and accomplished female cousins I look up to–they’ve all done amazing things.  One is serving in the Peace Corps in Albania, one is a working mother in D.C., and even another is a nurse in the Army with two young children.  That’s just a few. I admire them all in different ways, but they all know who they are and use their talents to benefit those around them.  Politically speaking, I have always been a fan of Laura Bush.  The job of First Lady is more difficult than people realize and Mrs. Bush was classy and capable in all of her endeavors (which are two things I always strive to be, classy and capable!).

What is the one book every conservative women should read? 
I don’t have just one book to recommend, but I’d have to say any biographies of strong women who stand up for what they believe in and set great examples for young women are awesome.  We have a lot of power, and we often don’t acknowledge it or aren’t aware of it.  I think to be able to read the stories of women in action is the best way to be inspired and realize our own strength.

Do you believe gentleman still exist?
Absolutely, and I’m fortunate enough to encounter them on a daily basis at the University of Dallas.
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