NeW Conference Countdown: Scholarship Winner Taylor

June 22, 2010 | NeW Staff

As promised, we will be sharing the winning essays from NeW’s Travel Scholarship Contest.  We asked NeW Leaders: 

Television shows and movies typically portray women in one of two ways:  the frail victim or the powerfully masculine.  How has being involved with NeW broadened your view of women?  Is there any truth to the way women are portrayed on shows like the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Sex and the City, and Grey’s Anatomy?  Please limit answers to 600 words.

Here’s what one winner, Taylor, from NC State had to say. Congratulations!

Modern Hollywood has portrayed today’s women in ways that are controversial to many beliefs.  Should a lady be seen as someone who has a masculine, controlling take on a relationship? Or a woman that is seen and not heard, weak and victimized? For instance, in the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You, almost all the women are depicted as insipid and needy – the “victimized woman”.  This was seen throughout the movie–the woman who was cheated on, the one who wanted to take the next step of marriage, and the woman who just couldn’t find the right guy.  I would argue, all of these circumstances could have been turned around the other way.  Women cheat on their husbands and some just want to stay single for their whole lives! This movie is not only harmful to women but to men also. I’ll bet you’d never hear those words from many women today.
There is truth to movies like He’s Just Not That Into You and television shows such as Sex and the City. Not all women are portrayed in these ways, but they do begin to become influential to women’s roles in society and their personal lives. By being a part of Network of enlightened Women, I have learned one very important principle: Men and Women are DIFFERENT.  We don’t think the same way, do the same things, or feel the same way about certain relationships. Making women seem more like men disregards the uniqueness that both sexes have. Also, there is always a choice to have a career, family, or both, though this might not be a principle we would share with the women in Sex and the City.  By being a NeW woman, I embrace these values and traditions.

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