NeW at American University Co-Sponsors S.E. Cupp Event

March 21, 2014 | Jordan Finney

Last month  S.E. Cupp, a conservative columnist, author, commentator and co-host of CNN’s Crossfire visited American University to speak to students about the her conservatism, the future of the Republican Party and it’s relationship with the youth.  The Network of Enlightened Women chapter at American University co-sponsored this event alongside other organizations.

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Cupp began her discussion by telling students that, “You are not a group either side can afford to take for granted, the party that most effectively communicates their message to you is the one that will hold you for the long term,” she said.  She talked about how many young people are unfortunately disenchanted by the Republican party because the party views the youth as being entitled, lazy, ignorant and more but the same goes for the Democratic Party as well.  Cupp continued to discuss how she believes conservatism is largely misunderstood by Republicans and Democrats.  One area where she finds this to be especially prevalent is gay marriage.  She said, “I think my conservatism is completely inline with gay rights because the government should be out of our private lives!”
Cupp concluded her discussion by encouraging conservative college students to embrace their beliefs.
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After her discussion, the floor was open to questions and many interesting ones came up.  A student asked if there was a place for more Libertarian-leaning conservatives in the Republican party and Cupp discussed how there is a place in the Republican Party for more Libertarian voices because there is a libertarian in each and every one of us.  We all want to make our own choices when and have our own personal freedoms.
American University NeW Chapter Vice President Mary Perez ended the discussion and asked Cupp if she found it difficult to be a conservative woman.  Cupp answered by saying that all women should support each other regardless of their political beliefs and she feels that conservative women don’t get that.  Modern day feminism has turned feminism into a one party role and it shouldn’t be that way it should be accepting of all parties because feminism is embracing the fact that all women should be equal.
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Overall, S.E. Cupp gave a great speech on her viewpoints of the Republican Party and the Network of Enlightened Chapter at American University was proud to co-sponsor the event.
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