Mrs. President Someday Soon

July 27, 2010 | NeW Staff

To date, no American woman has ever been elected to the office of U.S. President; however, times are changing, according to a recent Rasmussen poll.  87% of American voters believe it is somewhat likely that a woman will be elected President in the next 25 years.  That number has increased eight points in four years.  58% of Americans believe a female U.S. President in the next 25 years is very likely. 

In a few other questions, however, the poll found that men would be more likely to support a male candidate and a woman would be more likely to support a female candidate in an election.

There were some other interesting findings in this poll, particularly on the label of “feminist.”  The report explains, 

“Just 14% consider describing a woman candidate as a feminist to be a positive. Thirty-five percent (35%) view it as a negative description, while 46% rate it somewhere in between a positive and a negative.”

And what about the women’s voice, a position traditionally held by the National Organization for Women?  Rasmussen reports,

“Among women voters, 51% view NOW favorably, while 32% have an unfavorable opinion.”

In a final poll of interest, Rasmussen describes,

“Most adults believe women in America are better off today than they were 25 years ago, but they still don’t think women receive equal pay for equal work.”

What do you think?  Are American women ready for the job, and are Americans ready for a female President?  The last election seems to indicate that Americans are ready for women to be in this office and this poll further confirms it.  However, the poll also confirms that Democrats will vote for Democrats will vote for Democrats despite their gender and that Republicans will vote for Republicans despite their gender.  As well, women are more likely to vote for women when candidates are “equal” on all other issues, and men are more likely to vote for men in this same scenario.  In many ways, this poll indicates that women are advancing in the political sphere, increasing the likelihood of a female President.

Check out the full report to see how American women are voting and how Americans feel about women in office. It’s certainly some interesting food for thought!
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