More Thoughts on “The End of Sex”

June 21, 2013 | Catie

A typical feminist claims that the hookup culture serves to empower women. I think many young, naive, liberal women justify their “hooking up” by this argument because it’s the message perpetuated by the media which–let’s face it– is controlled by the left. The left does an excellent job of subtly permeating their liberal values throughout all aspects of an individual’s life (something conservatives have yet to master) and that is how the hookup culture became so dominant among today’s youth.

Freitas rightly points out that the hookup culture heavily depends on the existence of alcohol. It’s no secret that alcohol leads to poor judgment which in turn leads to poor decision-making. With a culture resting on the existence of a substance that leads to decisions many claim to regret, how is this empowering for women?

Intellectual feminists may claim that this is the case, but in my opinion, they do this only to appear as though they do not have a political agenda. Surely they are not blind to the damaging, emotionally numbing effects of the hookup culture. As Freitas points out in her research, the facts speak for themselves:

The 41 percent of students in my survey who reported being profoundly upset about hooking up said the encounters made them feel, among other things, used, miserable, disgusted, and duped (48).

Why, then, do feminists support women engaging in these behaviors?

The answer lies in what I believe is the real reason for the existence of the hookup culture: the future of feminism depends on it.

Feminists need the culture to exist to justify expanding government through “women’s rights.” It’s cause for liberals to say that the government ought to fund abortions, increase sex education in schools, provide birth control, etc. The left wants power within all spheres of the individual’s life, as seen last year in the Life of Julia.

I find it fascinating and alarming that they have the capability of changing the lifestyles of America’s youth because they can dictate what is ‘cool’ through media and pop culture, which they then manipulate into a necessary cause for more government intervention.  I often hear liberals accuse conservatives of not accepting that times have changed, or that conservatives are unrealistic. The left, however, strives for a state of affairs that conservatives are not willing to endorse. Having control over the way people behave in society gives the left the leverage to push whatever agenda they want. It seems as though liberals always claim that their interest lies in protecting the well-being of the individual, but frankly they could not care less about damage to the individual so long as they get what they want.

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