Moms in the Kitchen

April 13, 2010 | NeW Staff

A new show on ABC called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” is on a mission to change the way America views food. Specifically, Jamie Oliver, a chef from England, is working on helping a small town in West Virginia called the city of Huntington.

In the season opener, he tries to change the food system in elementary schools and educate the students there. He learns that many children do not know what a tomato is, that french fries are made out of potatoes, and that processed food, no matter what shape its in, is bad for you.

One issue raised in the show are government regulations relating to the food system in schools. If you watch the show, or check out an episode, you can see that our guidelines are intriguing. Is this a place where the government needs to interfere? Or how can correct guidelines be formulated and met, or adaptive to change when we find out there are better options available?

In another episode, he visits a family and evaluates what they eat. The mother takes care of four children and her husband is a truck driver. She expresses concern for her children to keep them well fed, happy, and to stay on a budget. She thinks she is being a good mother and taking care of her kids by frying food, grabbing fast food, and giving them as much as they want to eat.

Is this a new modern dilemma? Moms trying to do the best for their kids, but ending up hurting them in the process? What’s a modern mom to do?

Is food an enemy rather than a friend of moms in the kitchen?

And, make sure to check out the post Food for Thought for more on this topic!

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