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April 12, 2011 | Elizabeth

A new study reveals that equality in taking care of parents taking care of children results in more conflict than when the mother has more responsibility with the kids.

Ohio State University researchers discovered that in both single earner and dual earner households, the more the father was involved with parenting, the less supportive behavior was displayed, therefore undermining a coparenting relationship.

So is it coparenting really better without equality of a mother and father?

According to the research, coparenting works best when there is a clearly defined role of who is in charge and who isn’t. And in this study, the mother was usually the one in charge of the children normally.  When fathers started to help coparent, undermining behavior increased and boundaries were blurred. If there aren’t clear boundaries, it’s harder for decisions to be made, since there is no sole person making the decision.

So, does this mean that women should stay home with their kids? Does this mean that couples can’t successfully coparent while parenting together?

I don’t think so. I think that the key to this study is that there has to be clear boundaries. If you and your husband haven’t talked about how to handle certain situations or agreed on punishments for bad behavior, it’s going to be a struggle of mommy versus daddy. The kids are going to get used to one way of parenting when they are with mom and another when they are with dad.

What do you think?


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