Miss USA: Once Again Involved in Controversy

May 14, 2010 | NeW Staff

It seems that it is becoming impossible for Miss USA to host a pageant without some controversial story arising. 

This time, it happens to be racy photos taken of the Miss USA contestants snapped in Vegas by photographer Fadil Berisha. The photos can be found on the Miss USA website. The photos were taken in a bed, with the girls wearing fishnets, corsets, underwear, and unbuttoned men’s shirts. Of course the shoot wouldn’t be complete without big, messy, bed hair and enough makeup to to last a girl an entire year. 

To me these photos just reek of a bad PR stunt. I know the pageant is a business that needs to generate profits and increase viewership. However, I think these photos truly undermine the integrity of the pageant. In pageants past contestants posed in bikinis, often by the pool or outside – a far cry from these sultry bedroom shots. These women should be role models. How can anyone be taken seriously while they are laying around in their underwear?

According to a rep for Donald Trump, the pictures are said to be an attempt to break the stereotype of a “pageant princess,” and instead promote a “smart, sexy and sophisticated modern woman.” I’m not entirely sure what this statement means. What exactly is a pageant princess? As far as I know Miss USA contestants have always been smart, sexy and sophisticated without posing practically naked in a bed. 

These bedroom shots are deviating a little too far from the pageant’s original purpose. If these pictures were for a modeling job I think they would be great. But pictures like these devalue the Miss USA system and purpose. I hope that similar pictures are not incorporated into the pageant every year, because I think the pageant will lose fans and future contestants. There are plenty of models in the world, and plenty of jobs that do not require an individual to be a role model. The job of being Miss USA… is not one of them. 

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