Meet NeW’s Spring Intern- Alexandra Gourdikian

January 17, 2014 | Alexandra Gourdikian

We would like to introduce you to another one of our spring interns here at NeW, Alexandra Gourdikian! If you are interested in interning with NeW, you can find more information here.


How did you hear about NeW?

I first heard about NeW through The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program (YLP).  NeW’s internship program was featured as the YLP’s Opportunity of the Week.  I read NeW’s blog and online book club posts and found them to be very interesting!  Later, I contacted Alyssa Condrey and learned more about the network and opportunities to become involved!  

Why were you first interested in interning for NeW?

After returning home to California from interning on Capitol Hill this past summer, I was eagerly seeking an opportunity to stay involved in the Washington D.C. community and political realm.  I am an active participant in College Republicans on my campus and enjoy sharing and discussing conservative principles and ideals with my peers.  I believe NeW’s events, blog posts, and presence on college campuses encourages young women to become informed and develop opinions about various policy issues.  I am excited to contribute to the conservative movement among the young women of our country!  

What do you hope to gain from your internship?

I hope to foster relationships with conservative women nation-wide and continue to discuss and educate young women about issues our nation is facing today.  I also hope to become an influential conservative leader and communicator, specifically by improving my blog writing skills and furthering NeW’s mission.

Why do you think NeW is important?

I believe NeW is vital to the proliferation of the conservative movement of young women in this country.  Experience and relationships with peers have taught me that many females cling to liberal biased views or have apathetic attitudes toward various political issues, especially pertaining to women.  I am thankful and excited that NeW exists to promote conservative values and strengthen the women of this nation through education and discussion about women’s roles and opportunities in society and the workforce.   As young women we must be informed and manifest strong opinions about policy issues pertaining to the government in an effort to be more well-rounded and confident leaders in our roles as daughters, friends, wives, and mothers in the years to come!

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