Mary Katharine Ham Energizes NC NeW Chapters

January 28, 2010 | NeW Staff

Conservative author and pundit, Mary Katharine Ham, and feminists agree on something.  Wait, what?  Yes, that is correct.  MKH and the feminists had something to say about Mac’s release of the iPad.  The agreement: The name Mac ‘iPad’ has an uncanny resemblance to a feminine hygiene product.  The disagreement: Feminists wish to make a social program that ensures that the there will be an equal number of women to men on marketing teams across the country; whereas, MKH wants to let the market ridicule the name and decide the success of the Mac iPad.  

With that, the mood was set.  MK was funny.  And she exuded humor by poking fun first at liberals—she was not limited just to the feminists—and then later at conservatives.  Her greatest criticism of conservatives was their formality and rigidness of communication channels.  Obama utilized media like never before; she argued, it is time for conservatives to anti-up into the game of new media and reach people where they are.  MK has done just that through her HamNation videos.  
But by pointing out the seemingly thoughtless name of Apple’s new product, MK unveiled her take home point of the evening—conservatives need to think outside the box.  The State is not the answer, but their ideas aren’t wrong either.  The best example she gave was microloans that are similar to organizations like Kiva that lend money to women who want to start their own businesses and create lives for themselves and their children without State regulations interfering in productivity.  
Mary Katharine is a great example of a NeW feminist.  She is an out-of-the-box thinker and challenges not only women but also men to grow.  NeW women in North Carolina took home important lessons from the evening.
A special thanks to the Pope Center and Civitas Institute for sponsoring, NeW’s NC State Chair Jessica Custer, and the NeW chapters at Chapel Hill and NC State for their combined support.  For more about the event, read full coverage in the NC State Technician.

MKH Speaks on what it means to be a “NeW Wave Feminist.”

NeW Leaders from NC with MKH. From left to right, Anna Beavon, MKH, Kelsey, and Taylor.
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