Liberty is No War on Women – Pages 25-31

June 12, 2013 | Guest

By NeW Intern Nicole

Women in America need to realize how blessed they are to live in this great country. As Lukas and Schaeffer believe,

American women are truly the most fortunate women on Earth, and have tremendous opportunity to pursue happiness on their own terms (30).

Critics like to point out that women are still struggling because women can’t necessarily “have it all”. But, men can’t have it all either. Simply put, Lukas and Schaeffer know that

life is about choices (30).

Both men and women make different choices because they care about different characteristics of life: happiness, work hours, pay, etc.

Companies are placing more value on their female employees because of the increasingly educated female population. Many colleges today, as my friends and I have discovered when looking at the enrollment percentage of boys to girls, have more girls on campus than boys. This is part of the reason why women are increasingly outpacing men in terms of academic achievement.

This is possibly good news for men, if their minds are set on finding college girlfriends. They see themselves as being the minority sex a good thing because, hey, now they have less competition for a greater number of girls to date.

liberty women

But, Lukas and Schaeffer bring up a more serious point that if men are earning less money and becoming less educated as a result of tug-of-war between the sexes, it is not beneficial for American women. The narrowing of the wage gap, if it means men’s wages are declining, is not a good thing for society as a whole. We want our male counterparts to continue to succeed as well.

Women today also face a life expectancy advantage over men. This is common knowledge. Both men and women’s life expectancies have increased throughout the years. With advanced medicine there are fewer female deaths during pregnancy and childbirth. Our access to preventative health care has also increased both men and women’s life expectancies, as well.

Our lives in this day and age are great, and they will continue to progress and get better. But, with today’s increasing government, Lukas and Schaeffer believe that this administration will decrease and hinder our liberties as women. What exactly will be the cause of this? What current policy today is already diminishing out liberties as women?

Part 2 is up next, and our authors make some great points on how the ever-growing federal government under the Obama Administration is threatening both men and women’s progress. Happy reading!

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