Liberty is No War on Women – Introduction

May 29, 2013 | Guest

by NeW intern Nicole

The “War on Women” has been a phrase extensively used by the left in America’s recent elections. Authors of Liberty is No War on Women, Carrie Lukas and Sabrina Schaeffer, point out, searching the phrase on Google yields nearly 50 million hits (Page 10).

Hearing the phrase for the first time, you would think it was used to refer to the million of child brides overseas in Yemen and used to push a foreign aid/human-rights agenda. Or possibly it is to describe the women in Saudi Arabia who are required to get permission from a male figure (husband, brother, father, male child) to step out of the house, work, attend school, talk to a non-family member, or go to a hospital.

However, that is not the case. The left believes that there is a “War on Women” in America. The left argues any domestic policy that restricts government from intervening in citizens’ lives is a so-called “War on Women”. Policy that would make someone responsible for themselves and their communities and force individuals to be self-sufficient would make women suffer, right?

Lukas and Schaeffer argue that the left’s position and their premises of the “War on Women” are:

inherently sexist and belittling of women. It presumes that women are less capable than men of standing on their own and caring for themselves and their families. (10)

Lukas and Schaeffer break the silence that the left has evoked on debates involving the “War on Women”.  They call for an honest debate that, in my opinion, needs to happen soon. Conservative women need to stand up to the left and make their points heard.

Having attended all-girls private high school in Washington, DC, the “War on Women”, sexism, and gender inequalities were often topics of conversation in various classes of mine, including assemblies and homeroom meetings. My classmates would complain of inequalities between the boys from our brother school across the street and us. They can go off campus whenever they want, they can skip two class periods each semester with no penalty, they are praised all the time for their athletic accomplishments… the list goes on. The conversation would often end in typical fashion when some girl would complain about the teachers at our brother school being more lenient on the boys in her coordinate class.

As a political minority in the heart of a DC private school, I often wanted to tell the girls who are playing victim exactly what Lukas and Schaeffer state in their dedication:

appreciate the opportunity you’ve been given by our country and recognize that, boy or girl, the world is what you make of it.

Liberty is No War on Women is broken up into two parts; No War on Women: How Women Are Progressing and Succeeding in America Today and How Big Government Threatens Women’s Progress. Lukas and Schaeffer explore multiple factors for their argument supported with brief overviews of the repercussions of each factor. The authors also question whether gender equality policies are reversing men’s opportunities and economic success in attempt to correct previous gender inequalities. The book is a quick and addicting read. Enjoy!

Discussion Questions:

  • What are your thoughts so far?
  • Are liberal feminists waging a war between the sexes and making professional relationships between men and women coworkers more hostile or fragile?
  • Why haven’t conservative leaders staged an important intervention on the “War on Women”?
  • How can conservatives relay to the public their thoughts on the supposed “War on Women”?
  • Why do you think some women harp on gender discrimination excuses for why they are not or have not succeeded as envisioned?
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