Lessons to be Learned

June 16, 2008 | NeW Staff

This week, I saw a headline for an Ann Coulter article where she gave her opinion of President George W. Bush, and it got me thinking about her career, her philosophy, and her views. Arguably one of the most controversial women in the political mainstream and media, Coulter is certainly not afraid to speak her mind. While liberals are often outraged by her bold comments, books, and op-eds, conservatives seem to have a love-hate relationship with her as well. Some criticize her controversial statements as causing more harm than good. But I would argue that instead of critiquing what she says and how she says it, we should look to her for important skills that we can model from her career.

I can think of two important things that I’ve learned from Coulter’s example…

1. Your words will be heard if you speak them loudly. Often, I feel isolated and alone as a conservative female. Coulter’s success has come largely from her ability to articulate her viewpoints and present them to the world. Love her or hate her, people listen to Coulter. She shows that we should never be afraid to be who we are as conservative women.

2. Never be afraid of opposition. Coulter has attacked most of her political opponents in writing or confronted on television, and often she dominates the conversation. Coulter is certainly not afraid to face her ideological foes, and I think that as conservative women on liberal college campuses, we should follow her lead. Now I’m not advocating challenging your female women’s studies professor to a televised debate, but I do think it’s vital that we stand up to those who challenge our views or attempt to belittle our ideas. Without defending our beliefs verbally or in writing, how will we gain any credibility at our colleges?

So the issue here is not whether or not we should read and reread every single one of Ann Coulter’s books but how we can learn important skills from someone who has boldly made her case known to the world. On our college campuses we should strive to speak out and confront opposition because of the confidence we have in the strength of our conservative values and principles.

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