Leap Year: Do All Women Change After One Kiss?

January 13, 2010 | NeW Staff

I saw Leap Year with my dad on opening night.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Leap Year, the premise is similar to many other chick-flicks—girl (Anna) doesn’t get proposed to by her boyfriend; girl goes to Dublin to propose and meets rough-around-the-edges Irish bar/restaurant/hotel owner (Declan); and girl falls for Irish bar/restaurant/hotel after one kiss causing girl to rethink her whole life.  There is nothing surprising in the plot.  Despite its predictability, there is not a shortage of viewers.  

At the end of the movie, my dad made an interesting observation—the girl, Anna from Boston, made all the sacrifices.  It is true.  Anna breaks up with her boyfriend that finally proposes to her once she gets to Dublin and leaves her dream apartment to fly 3,000 miles to Ireland on the chance that Declan, the bar/restaurant/hotel owner, shares the same feelings and wants to give their relationship a chance.  
Declan, on the other hand, does not give up his bar/restaurant/hotel or fly to Boston for her.  Anna, being a very structured person, thrives off of plans while Declan could care less if there is a plan.  Keeping with the theme that Anna sacrifices for Declan, at the end of the movie in the climaxing scene, Anna proposes that she wants to not make plans with Declan and see where their relationship goes.  The very idea of Anna not making plans goes against her nature and everything that the viewer knows about her.  Anna sacrifices her very nature for a whim.  Anna knows nothing of value about Declan to base this life-changing decision on.  One kiss changed the way Anna saw Declan.  She hated Declan before he kissed her.  He went from a rude, obnoxious man who does not believe in love to a warm and complex character capable of deep emotional feelings.  

My dad called this “the male myth.”  I laughed.  He explained that it is a great male myth that a single passionate kiss has the power to make women swoon.  What does that say about women?
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