Leader Spotlight: Roberta Skinner, Florida State University

March 26, 2014 | NeW Team

Each Month, we like to highlight the work of some of the amazing women involved with NeW. Today, we feature a review of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) written by Roberta Skinner, Vice President of the NeW chapter at Florida State University. 

When I first decided to go to CPAC, my focus was on public policy, politicians, and spending an amazing few days in Washington, D.C. I never knew that a whole new world would appear; a door of opportunity would emerge.

With its bright pink booth, the Network of Enlightened Women was a hard sight to miss at “The Hub”, the hotspot at CPAC where all of the booths (and free stuff) was located. Brianna Kerins, NeW member at FSU, said “The Hub” was her favorite part of CPAC:

“I was able to meet so many new people from tons of different amazing organizations. It was a great place to make connections and get involved with all of the hardworking groups and organizations that do so much for our party.”

For me, tabling for NeW was one of the most rewarding experiences of CPAC and here’s why: Being a conservative woman, it’s often easy to feel alone; isolated. But one would not get that feeling being at CPAC and especially tabling for NeW.

Getting the chance to meet other conservative women is great, but adding NeW to the mix, sharing a common goal, to shake off the bonds that radical feminism tries to place us in and stand up for what we truly believe, now that’s empowering.

That’s exactly what happened to me. Having women come up to the booth and ask about NeW was an eye-opener. Women are not falling for the tactics of the radical feminists and we want to not only not conform to their thinking, we want to combat it.

Let us not forget our gentlemen, the men who not only stand up for us but who also refuse to conform to the thinking of radical feminists and pop culture. There’s no doubt that the Gentlemen’s Showcase was a hit! I heard numerous “that’s awesome”, “I love that”, and I even had guys come to the table and ask me about it.

“Those who were able to see the work we were doing and hear our message all responded in a way that encouraged me to want to continue to work against the radical feminism that rages through college campuses,” said Amy Kopstad, membership chair for the FSU NeW chapter.

But what would the NeW CPAC experience be without dessert? Thankfully, we did not have to find that out! The NeW dessert party was nothing short of amazing (and tasty)! Being able to congregate with fellow NeW ladies and network makes our jobs a little easier.

“The best part of CPAC was being able to network,” said FSU NeW Treasurer Natalie Tuttle.” As one of the larger gatherings of the conservatives in the country, CPAC is a great place to make connections. One of the best events I attended during CPAC was the NeW dessert party. I was surprised to see so many other people from Florida. We exchanged contact information so that we could coordinate in the coming year.”


Being with like-minds but with different ideas helps us all grow and develop our chapters to the best of everyone’s ability. We can’t forget Mary Katharine Ham (but literally, she is so inspirational)! One point that really hit home with me that she made was about if we conform to the liberal way of thinking, to radical feminism, and never challenge it and never stand up for our values and convictions, then what was the purpose of that hard-fought liberation? I couldn’t agree more.

To add to the inspiration, CPAC lined up some incredible speakers about being a conservative woman. Those are the panels that carried special meaning for me.

Carly Fiorina, the chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation, said something that resonated with the conservative women in attendance.

“It’s not about any woman running for president, it’s about the right woman,” Fiorina said.

Then there was Sarah Palin. With her undeniable sass and sincerity, she spoke the truth.

“If the boys aren’t up to the challenge, conservative women are happy to lead the charge,” Palin said.

I believe that the strong presence NeW has and some of the strong-willed ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting proves this point. Conservative women aren’t hiding; we are on a mission and we will be victorious.

On March 13, the Washington Post published an article quoting her thoughts on feminism, conservatism, and NeW. You can see the full article here

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