Ladies: How to Treat a Gentleman

March 2, 2011 | Danelle

In honor of NeW’s Gentlemen’s Showcase, I wanted to give some advice to all the young ladies who witness gentlemanly behavior.

1.) Always thank a gentleman: When a man opens a door for you, pulls out your chair, or lets you walk before him, thank him! There are far too many young men who have been raised to be gentlemen, but have given up because women do not show how appreciative they are.

2.) If a gentleman offers to help you, do not reject it coldly: One of my peers has the habit of saying “Just because I am a girl, does not mean I can’t….” if a young man offers to help her with carrying books or pushing open a door. Please do not do what she does. If you do not need the help, say it politely. Again, young gentlemen will give up on being a gentleman if you dismiss their thoughtfulness outright.

3.) Treat him with the respect he shows you: This is a summary point of the other two points. Do not take advantage of a gentleman’s kind behavior. A gentleman acts the way he does because he shows others respect, so please treat him with the same amount of respect!

Remember, being a gentleman does not mean that as a young lady, you are better than him or he is better than you. Being a gentleman is about mutual respect and equality. A gentleman opens the door for you because he believes that all women (and all people in general) deserve to have doors opened for them. Conversely, a lady thanks a gentleman because she believes that all men (or people in general) deserve respect for their kindness.

I encourage you, if you are not already, to be a lady and treat gentlemen with this mutual respect. As long as ladies in society exist who are considerate and kind toward gentlemen, gentlemen will always exist.

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