Is Chivalry Still Alive? In Kentucky It Just Might Be!

December 3, 2009 | NeW Staff

Last night in a room of over 20 attendees, the Network of enlightened Women at the University of Kentucky met to discuss a topic that we are all wondering…Is Chivalry Dead?

Well, at UK, maybe it’s not.  Last night, to show that chivalry just might still exist, two gentlemen greeted enlightened women at the door.  With a flower,  a kind welcome, and a smile.  Don’t believe me?

Above, decked in ties and blazers, two fellow UK classmates, Jack and Scottie, attended the NeW meeting and showed NeW women how they can find chivalry even on a college campus.

The NeW attendees discussed how we define chivalry and how we as women can encourage chivalrous behavior.  The UK women had a lot to ask the men: What about opening doors?  What about the bill at the end of the date?  And the dreaded question, gulp: What about texting?  

The two visitors expressed how they genuinely want to treat women with respect.  They certainly recognized the poor behavior of their guy friends.  But they also noted that sometimes, young women don’t act like ladies, and that only serves to reinforce less than ideal behavior from guys.

At the end of the meeting, NeW women challenged each other to live according to a higher standard and not to succumb to accepting disrespectful behavior from any young man.  We can all point fingers at who’s to blame and who’s more at fault, but I think it begins with us.  If our actions and words show that we expect to be treated like ladies, then you don’t you think we’ll attract the type of gentlemen who respect and appreciate those qualities?
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