Intern Spotlight: Brianna Cicero

February 15, 2017 | NeW

NeW is pleased to welcome Brianna Cicero to the NeW team as 2017 Spring intern. Please help us welcome Brianna by reading her intern spotlight.

How did you hear about NeW?

I heard about NeW through Temple’s College Republicans. One of the girls in our CR chapter had been working to start a chapter of NeW on Temple’s campus, and I thought it sounded like a really interesting organization to be involved with on campus.

Why is NeW important?

NeW is important because it gives young, conservative women like me an opportunity to show everyone that conservative doesn’t mean that you are anti-women. It gives young leaders the opportunity to lead in an insightful way that really does affect their community and their world. NeW shows that there is more than one way to be an empowered female.

What is the most important conservative issue in your opinion?

Right now, I think education is a very important issue. People often forget that conservatives are in favor of an education voucher that would allow families to send their children to a school of their choice. Students should not be forced to attend a school that is under performing—they should be allowed to attend a school where they are going to thrive and learn and become prepared for their future. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a wonderful, private, Christian high school, but I understand that not every student has that opportunity. The educational voucher system could help begin to bridge that gap and potentially make lifelong changes to the educational system that would positively impact students and their futures.

If you could offer advice to college students, what would it be?

Study something you love, not just something that will help you make a lot of money. I’ve switched my major a few times throughout my time in college. Most recently, I was a journalism/pre-law major. I dropped pre-law at the start of this semester because I realized that my true passion is within the communications field for churches and Christian non-profits. I’m currently just a journalism major, and I couldn’t be happier as I explore various ways I can use my degree upon graduating. Sure, none of those jobs will make the amount of money that a lawyer does, but I would take my happiness over money any day.

Why were you interested in interning for NeW?

I really love NeW’s principles and what they stand for politically. I have held several journalism internships and written for several publications, and while I love journalism—I wasn’t completely sure if I wanted to commit my entire life to reporting. I knew that I liked communications and the organization and work that goes into that field as well as the challenges that can arise. So, when I found out about the intern position with NeW—I thought it seemed like a perfect fit for the direction that I want to take my career!

What is the most challenging part of being a conservative on your campus?

It becomes exhausting to always hear that I’m wrong, that I’m homophobic, that I’m racist, etc. because I know that the conservative movement doesn’t stand for hatred. Unfortunately, though, it has been portrayed like that very often. It’s hard to know that because I’m a conservative, some people won’t talk to me or respect me. Conservatives are almost forced into silence on my campus.

What do you hope to gain from your internship?

I hope to learn more about the communications and planning end of this field because that is the direction I want to take my career, as well as learn how to continue to advocate for my principles in a healthy and productive way.

How do you currently advocate for conservative principles on campus?

Other than being involved in NeW and College Republicans, I often speak up in my classes. Even though it can be pretty scary to voice my opinion, I feel as though it’s necessary to do so because otherwise the view of the conservative movement will never change on campus. If I’m given an assignment to write about my opinion on something, I’m not afraid to write from the conservative perspective because that is what I believe. I take opportunities like that to change the dialogue in the classroom in hopes that maybe a few people in the room will take the time to evaluate another perspective different from their own or that those with my views will know that they aren’t alone.

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