Inspiring Women Join Together at CPAC 2010

February 22, 2010 | NeW Staff

After an inspiring weekend at CPAC, conservatives are even more fired up than ever for the 2010 elections with hopes of taking the House and Senate back. While at CPAC, I attended many of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s events, including the panel mentioned in Elizabeth P.’s latest post. While attending these events, I found three women who truly stuck out to me as those I hope to continue to watch either as pundits on Fox News or as columnists on popular conservative forums. I wanted to pass these names on to other NeW members as well as NeW blog followers, so you can also learn more about these remarkable women.


S.E. Cupp is a rising star in the conservative world and is a strong voice for young conservatives across the nation. S.E. writes regularly for The Daily Caller and the Daily News, and brings a little something extra to her columns.  Her speech at the CBLPI forum during CPAC sparked intrigue as she talked about how race and sexism are now non-issues for the coming generations. She shows is fearless in saying the things that everyone else is thinking. S.E. Cupp will surely be a voice for the coming generations, especially young conservative women.


Monica Crowley was awarded Woman of the Year by CBLPI this past weekend at CPAC, and rightly so. Crowley has had some unique experiences–working directly under Nixon is the years following his stay at the White House as a foreign policy analyst.  As a regular pundit on the Hannity Show, Crowley is constantly arguing with her brother-in-law, Alan Colmes. Crowley is well-educated, as she holds two master’s degrees and a Ph.D.  Her books are must-reads in foreign policy. Crowley’s professional successes as a radio host, author, and political pundit are most impressive.


Marji Ross may not be as well-known in the mainstream media as the previous two women, but she is truly an example for us all. While feminists continue to tell us that we cannot have a career if we choose to have a family, Ross is a living example of how wrong this mentality is.  Ross is a mother of three but has been extremely successful professionally. Ross is currently the president of Regnery Publishing and has had much success, placing one-third of the books published by Regnery on the New York Times bestseller list. Despite having such a successful career, Ross continues to stay close to family. She is a woman who should inspire us all.


Finally – I would personally like to congratulate Karin Agness on winning the Buckley Award. She has been an amazing leader for NeW.  

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