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July 13, 2008 | NeW Staff

The Dallas Morning News featured the NeW Chapter at Southern Methodist University today in a story entitled, Young Conservatives Undeterred by Trend Toward Liberal Politics.  The article begins by acknowledging how popular liberal candiates are on college campuses.  It then highlights the growing success of NeW in providing a voice for more conservative women.   Our efforts are being recognized both on campuses and beyond!

Here is one excerpt,

“But young conservatives say they’re committed to fighting for their causes and are trying to win converts, including women. The Network of Enlightened Women has grown to include 15 chapters, including one at Southern Methodist University.”

The article continues,

“But adversity can breed strength, as Karin Agness found when she set out to organize a book club as a junior at the University of Virginia in 2004. She found so much interest among college women in discussions of conservative ideas that her group quickly grew into the Network of Enlightened Women.

‘It can feel like a counterculture on college campuses, definitely,’ Ms. Agness said, adding that the organization advocates public policies that recognize differences between men and women rather than ignoring them in an effort to treat everyone the same.

‘We do receive a fair amount of opposition, but that’s what makes being part of [the network] so rewarding,’ she said. ‘You find so many other women who think like you and want to be a part of it.’

She added, ‘Our growth has been phenomenal … which really speaks to the void on college campuses.’

The women’s group held its annual conference in Washington last month, with attendees exchanging tips on starting or expanding chapters of the organization.

Even in the seeming isolation of individual campuses, many young conservatives like Caroline Lewis, the head of SMU’s chapter of the group, have no problem sticking to their ideals.

‘For me, it doesn’t matter which way the crowd goes,’ she said. ‘The way I look at life in general, you have to adhere to your principles. … You can’t worry about where the crowd is going or what people think is cool.’

Well said Caroline!  It is so important for college students to resist the peer pressure and to remain true to their principles.  Here is the picture of Caroline Lewis, President of NeW at SMU, that appeared in the Dallas Morning News.

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