I dare you to…not have a mammogram, pap test or eat popcorn

November 20, 2009 | NeW Staff

This has been a big week for health scares and dares from “experts” about what women should and should not do in regards to their health care. Was this week about actual concerns for women’s health or are health officials testing the response of public opinion by fishing for a boisterous response? In other words, if health guidelines change—will people actually notice?

This week proves that women are paying attention and people notice when the government begins to regulate our health care.

I imagine every woman can name a female family member, friend or loved one who would be not be here today without regular mammograms or paps. These new guidelines (some overturned, but still lingering in our minds) trigger a response that represents our raw emotions when it comes to protecting our health.

And now, in case you missed it, popcorn has a “dark secret too.” A new study from the Center for Science in the Public Interest reviewed the nutritional contents of movie-theater popcorn finding that there is an alarming amount of fat, salt and calories in that small tub of deliciousness.

According to the study,

“A large tub of popcorn at Regal Cinemas, for example, holds 20 cups of popcorn and has 1,200 calories, 980 milligrams of sodium and 60 grams of saturated fat.”

Recommending that,

“The best way to make your movie snack healthier, however, would be to skip the popcorn — and the concession stand — altogether.”

Health studies serve a purpose and should not be completely ignored, but how far can they go? When government task forces, science centers and boards of doctors comment on every personal choice in our life—when do “guidelines” become mandates?


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