How Women Have Betrayed Women

January 12, 2009 | NeW Staff

“The New Feminism emphasizes the importance of the ‘women’s point of view,’ the Old Feminism believes in the primary importance of the human being.” ~ Winifred Holtby, 1926

After reviewing various books and speaking with other NeW members, I would like to announce that for the 2009 Spring Semester, the NeW online Book Club will be reading and discussing Christina Hoff Sommers’ book Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women., public libraries, and university libraries would be my top three suggestions for obtaining your own copy of the book. However, feel free to comment on the posts even if you do not have the book. 

Just to wet your appetite and get you thinking about Sommers’ compelling topic, here is her purpose in writing the book:

“I have been moved to write this book because I am a feminist who does not like what feminism has become. The new gender feminism is badly in need of scrutiny.”


Book Club discussions will be subsequently posted on Mondays. 
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