How to be a Gentleman at CPAC

March 6, 2014 | Karin

Unfortunately, some people don’t get the memo that that they should be ladies and gentlemen at CPAC. We’ve all seen the young women who seem dressed more for a night at the club than a political conference. Or the guy who seems to bulldoze over everyone in sight for the chance to get his picture with his favorite politician. Well, men this post is for you. Here are some tips on how to be a gentleman at CPAC.

1)    True #NeWGents don’t post ads for a hook-up at CPAC.

2)    True #NeWGents don’t throw elbows while trying to get a glimpse of their favorite Fox News host.

3)    True #NeWGents respectfully challenge ideas with arguments, not personal attacks.

4)    True #NeWGents open doors for others, rather than pushing people through them to hear a speaker.

5)    True #NeWGents dress for a conference, not the club.

6)    True #NeWGents offer their seat to the elderly on the metro on the way to CPAC.

7)    True #NeWGents don’t go back for seconds (and thirds and fourths) on the freebies.

8)    True #NeWGents show respect in taking pictures with politicians. Watch the hands!

9)    True #NeWGents help others with directions.

10)  ?

What would be your #10 tip for gentlemen?

And ladies, if you see a college man being a gentleman, nominate him for the NeW Gentlemen’s Showcase. This contest run on Facebook seeks to honor America’s top college gentleman. The winner gets a $500 scholarship. Nominate him today!

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