Highlights from the 5th Annual NeW National Conference

June 28, 2010 | NeW Staff

NeW’s 5th Annual National Conference was a huge success!  A special thank you to all of the NeW leaders and NeW supporters who attended.  We hope those of you who were at the conference left encouraged and hopeful about the future for young women.

NeW kicked off the conference Thursday night with a special reception welcoming women from across the movement.  NeW leaders met and mingled with some of the top female leaders in the movement.  

NeW’s Founder Karin Agness opened the conference with the history of NeW and how she founded NeW at UVA in 2004.  She shared how NeW has grown from one chapter to over 20 in only five years, why NeW is needed, and why there is a growing demand for NeW across the country.  

Next, Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers, author of Who Stole Feminism? and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, discussed the growing problems with radical feminism today and how conservative women can “take back feminism” to support women and men.  Speaking about why conservative woman must get involved, Dr. Sommers explained:

“Mainstream women are going to have to rescue feminism from the feminists. Why not let it [feminism] fall by the weight of its own eccentricities? [Because] We badly need a reality-based, responsible women’s movement based on good information and respect for men and women.”

Four NeW leaders joined together to participate on a student panel to share there experiences with NeW over the year: Anna Beavon from Meredith College discussed starting a NeW chapter, Blayne from Arizona State University shared the creation and implementation of the Gentlemen’s Showcase on her campus, Danelle from Ohio State University talked about running a NeW chapter, and Elizabeth P. from the University of Kentucky discussed NeW and the Academy.  These women gave a great picture of the strides NeW women are making on their campuses daily.  NeW North Carolina Chair, Jessica Custer Anderson, closed the event by sharing a vision those in the room for continued involvement in NeW.

NeW also presented Annual Awards to some of its top leaders. Our New Chapter of the Year Award went to The King’s College.  Our Chapter of the Year Award went to Ohio State University.  And our Enlightened Woman of the Year Award went to Blayne from ASU.  Congratulations to these outstanding NeW Leaders!

NeW ended the day with a new media training session led by American Majority.  NeW women learned tools and strategies for turning education into civic engagement, particular by using new media. 

If you missed the Conference and would like more information about the event and NeW, please email NeW at [email protected]  If you were at the Conference and are interested in getting more involved in NeW, please let us know.  We are excited to help you expand conservative principles on your campus!  

Stay tuned for more pictures from the event!

NeW Leaders from across the country join together at the National Conference.
From left to right: (top row) Elizabeth P., Sarah-Gordon, Blayne, Anna Beavon,
Cristina, Taylor, Kara, (bottom row): Rachel, Hannah, Chelsea W., Chelsea M.,
Karin Agness, Holly Carter, and Jessica Custer Anderson.
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