Have you heard..of LAT relationships?

September 12, 2011 | Elizabeth

LAT relationships are defined as Living Apart Together. It’s when a couple that is still committed to each other, yet have two separate homes. I heard about it on NPR recently, and then again from another news source then again on this blog after a quick Google search. What is this new trend of relationships? How is this healthy?

The blog argues that North America is behind the times…Europe is all over LAT. It’s better, since individuals are becoming more independent, After all,  it just complicates life to combine assets, move in together and actually act like a traditional couple. It’s also nice because if there is a break-up, it’s easy to know who has what from the relationship. It gets rid of any and all risk …right? WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

LAT relationships are like a mirage to the people that believe in them or the people that are accepting of them. While I don’t find them attractive whatsoever, people that do are being tricked. Relationships are about risk – that’s what makes them so worth it. Because if you are a strong couple, you overcome all odds together.  It brings you closer together and enhances the initial commitment you made to each other. What makes me mad is that people are so accepting of this lifestyle. Why are they settling for that mirage of a relationship or of a marriage, when you could have the real thing if you worked a little harder, communicated your needs and found the right person?

It’s just sad…sad that the ideology of both men and women has swayed from tradition and commitment to LAT relationships and whatever goes.

What do you think? Had you heard of LAT relationships before?

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