Happy Birthday, Lady Thatcher!

October 13, 2011 | Danelle

One of my favorite female leaders in history is Margaret Thatcher, and today is her birthday!

Born October 13th, 1925 in a small and close-knit town called Grantham, she developed her conservative principles early in life. Her daily discussions about political issues and current events with her father, who served as a councilor and ran a small-business grocery store, cemented her conservative views even further. She went on to study chemistry at Oxford where she led the Conservative Association there.

Thatcher always had political ambitions and never let anything deter her. In her mid-twenties, she ran as the youngest female candidate in Britain for the seat in Dartford on the conservative ticket. Although she lost, she emerged as a passionate conservative who could speak with voters clearly and with certainty.

During her run, she met her husband, Denis Thatcher and married him in 1951. After having twins in 1953, she took time to train as a lawyer. Subsequently, Thatcher was elected to Parliament and then to the House of Lords.

Jumping to 1979, Britain was in a state of economic recession, inflation was rising, and tensions were straining in the Soviet Union. Thatcher opposed the leading Labour Party and ran on her strong conservative convictions. Thatcher had a clear plan and the public voted her in a Prime Minister in May.

From then on, we know her as the Iron Lady – the woman who handled war and terrorism with a level-head and iron fist; the woman who dug Britain out of their recession; and the woman who helped “tear down that wall,” ending the Cold War with our President Ronald Reagan by her side.

Lady Thatcher is an inspiration to all women, and should be a role model for NeW ladies especially.

The Iron Lady said herself:

I owe nothing to the Women’s Liberation movement.

You see, ladies, Margaret Thatcher did not get elected as Prime Minister three consecutive times because she complained about a “glass ceiling” preventing her from moving up. She just moved up by her own hard work and dedication.

I am sure feminists would like to claim this strong female leader’s achievements as their own, saying that Lady Thatcher “broke the glass ceiling” or led the charge for “female liberation.” But they cannot. Why? Because Lady Thatcher never saw a glass ceiling or the need to be liberated in the first place.

The advantage of being a conservative woman today is that we do not live in the dark world feminists live in – where patriarchy is constantly pushing us down, or keeping up trapped in the kitchen, or preventing us from having successful careers.

We live in a world that values respect, faith, liberty, and most importantly hard work. Lady Thatcher showed us that if we stick by our conservative values, nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams.

Happy Birthday, Lady Thatcher!

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