Happy Anniversary Post from Sarah Davis

September 28, 2012 | Sarah

As the Director of Programs and Development for NeW, I have a hand in every aspect of running and growing NeW. It is a great position in which to be! I get to see young women shape and change their college experience for the better. I am able to interact with young women on campus and in alumnae roles on a regular base, and be continuously reminded that there are bright, caring, capable and strong women working hard for others. And I get to share my thoughts often here on this blog.

The Anniversary season is the best time to reflect on everything that NeW has done. It is a time of year that makes me proud to be a NeW woman, and to be in the position I am in. Thank you to everyone who is involved with NeW who make my job so special!

If you want to help me celebrate NeW this week, please consider becoming a NeW Anniversary Supporter.

Here’s to eight more years, plus many more!

Sarah Davis is the Director of Programs and Development for NeW.

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