Get to Know Our Intern – Elizabeth Fleming

November 26, 2012 | Sarah

This semester, we’ve had a fantastic young woman named Elizabeth interning for NeW. In addition to writing excellent blog posts for us, she has helped with chapter and product development, and helped NeW celebrate our Eighth Anniversary. She answered a few questions earlier in the semester about what brought her to NeW:

1)     How did you hear about NeW?

I heard about NeW through the Charles Koch Internship Program (KIP), which partners interns with liberty-oriented organizations. Through the application process, I learned that NeW was a group working to free the discussion on women’s roles in society from a radical, one-sided debate. I was immediately intrigued, sought out more information, and applied to NeW’s internship program!

2)     Why were you first interested in interning for NeW?

Learning about NeW this past summer was extremely timely, as I had become frustrated with the growing attention the so-called “war on women” was receiving. As a woman myself, I was honestly annoyed that I had somehow been drafted into a war. When I learned about NeW, I was immediately attracted to its rejection of the victim mentality, its counter-narrative to society’s overemphasis on gender war, and its reminder that, regardless of what radical feminism might say, it is okay to be a female.

3)     What do you hope to gain from your internship?

When I started my internship at NeW, I hoped to gain a deeper understanding of the arguments behind women who refused to believe they were the prey of society. I wanted to learn more about the importance of empowering women as females and not just as professionals. I also wanted to better understand this thing called the Gentlemen’s Showcase and learn why it was so popular nationally! Turns out, there is still hope for chivalry, and men and women are capable of respecting each other and the different gifts that each offers to society.

4)     Why do you think NeW is important?

I think NeW is incredibly important because it fills a void on college campuses. It provides a way for young conservative women to learn about and discuss relevant issues of the day in an open, nonthreatening book club set up. It seeks to educate women who do not see themselves as victims of attack, but rather strong females who happen to hold conservative values. NeW is important because it seeks to “enlighten” or free society from a one-sided story about who women are.

Thanks for your hard work this semester, Elizabeth!

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