Branden Yeates is a triple major at Colorado Christian University (CCU), studying Business Administration, Accounting, and Social Science. He is such an asset to the conservative movement on CCU’s campus and beyond, as he is passionate about the original intent of the Founders, as well as free-market principles. Branden is currently employed with the Centennial Institute, a public policy think tank on CCU’s campus. He is a member of the American Enterprise Institute Executive Council, using that as a platform to further the ideals of economic liberty and prosperity on CCU’s campus. As well, Branden is a man of true integrity. He is responsible and hardworking; always off studying, helping others, or advocating for conservative principles. In his day to day interactions, he approaches everyone with sincerity and respect. He is a constant role model on and off campus, standing up for what is right, while remaining respectful. He hopes to use his career to further free market economic principles in the United States. Branden is a true man of the conservatism and gives those around him great hope for the future of the conservative movement.