Gentleman of the Day: Derrick Simms

March 15, 2014 | Alyssa Condrey

Meet today’s gentleman: Derrick Simms demonstrates that chivalry and honor are both alive and well. #NeWGents

Derrick Simms

Chivalry and honor aren’t dead, but they aren’t thriving either. However, these two traits are still alive and well in Derrick Simms. He knows how to conduct himself like a gentleman and gain a woman’s respect. As a native Californian, Derrick attends California State Los Angeles and is studying business and marketing. On the side, he has been acting and has appeared in numerous shows such as New Girl, NCIS: LA, Bones, The Mindy Project and Community. Whether he is on campus or on set, Derrick unabashedly shows respect and consideration to everyone he is around. As a true gentleman, these traits are demonstrated not only through words but through actions. He is one of few who not only opens the door for his loved ones but strangers as well. He recognizes life is more about service to others, not serving himself, and he demonstrates this by putting others’ needs before his own and giving one of the most precious things: time. Derrick consistently works on improving himself academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally and represents the presence of a self-aware, emotionally mature, mentally sharp and knowledgeable gentleman who is not afraid to pursue his dreams. He understands the power behind saying please and thank you and recognizes the importance of showing appreciation, even for small things. Derrick handles stressful situations (like driving in crazy Los Angeles traffic every day!) in a calm way because he knows how to not let frustration get the best of him. His strong convictions and morals make him stand out from the crowd, and those around him hold him in high regard because he does not compromise his beliefs and follows the code of loyalty. Derrick’s ability to dress for success and take care of himself reflects a sound state of mind and shows this true gentleman knows how to present himself well. Derrick is hard working, passionate and diligent about what he wants and knows how to balance school, extracurricular activities and a job. Because of all this, I know when you picture a gentleman Derrick Simms will come to mind. His charm, etiquette, morals and character make him a solid example of what it means to choose to embrace the principles of being a true gentleman. “Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of choice.” –Unknown

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