GAP- Not the clothing store, the year

November 11, 2009 | NeW Staff

Gwyeth T. Smith Jr., a college admissions consultant in New York, has an interesting article in Saturday’s Post arguing that college bound students should take a “gap year” before heading off to their college dorms. This is not a new argument as many students in Europe and Australia take a “13th” year of high school to travel, read books and “find themselves.” Yet for American students, obsessed with GPAs, SAT scores, and summer internships, slowing down for a year of travel is not an option.

Smith points to numerous reasons to support a gap year including the high financial cost of college and the average 18 year olds maturity level when flung into a world of drinking, high stress academia and life away from parents.

Is a year free to study independently and experience life the answer to freshman woes? Would you have benefitted from a gap?

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