Freedom from Freedom?

September 10, 2012 | Guest

by Katie Johnson

I know that conservatives value economic responsibility, but even exorbitant ticket prices could not stop me from seeing The Avengers multiple times. Some people go to superhero movies to see explosions or what their favorite actor looks like in spandex; I go for the discourse – regarding freedom, for instance.

Asking someone to define freedom in simple terms is opening up a can of worms, as there are as many different conceptions of freedom as there are dollars in Marvel’s box office. Freedom and life cannot be boiled down into simple terms that prescribe a one-size-fits-all course of action. Loki, Bane, and every other verbose villain who delivers a soliloquy before their seemingly imminent victory, claim that true freedom is to be found in security… established, conveniently, in the form of martial law enforced by themselves. But that “security” is an illusion. The phrase security often means someone else forces you to do what he or she thinks is best for you, even though they do not even know you.

The Avengers

Security in itself is not a bad thing. A lot of women want security, and they try to find it in a well-paying career, a stable marriage, or in the pride of motherhood. Feminists will tell you that making the latter choices is the antithesis of freedom, and instead they expect all women to fit their mold of “freedom.” I am expected, as a woman, to support the right of every woman to access birth control and abortions. I think abortion is wrong, but women still have the freedom to get one. If radical feminists had their way, however, I would not have the freedom not to pay for someone else’s abortion.

Of course I want to take care of other women, but those who accuse me of being narrow-minded are being rather narrow-minded themselves when they insist that the only way to take care of other women is through birth control and abortions. It is incredibly insulting that when women have the opportunity to exercise their freedom by making any number of decisions, the majority of discussions involve our decisions to prevent or terminate pregnancies, as if that is the only thing our small minds consider. We are not that limited! But radical feminists, and apparently a lot of politicians, think we are.

I am not suggesting that the government, or feminists, are super-villains. Sure, there is some stealing involved, but I would like to think that at least some people are well-intentioned. I am also not suggesting that you moonlight as a vigilante (though if you do, skip the cape – trust me on this one). You do not have to be a superhuman to be a super human. I would rather pay for a stranger’s food by choice than pay for their birth control by force. The government cannot legislate morality; and I am of the opinion that it does not have to try. Our rights do not have to be taken away to make us do the right thing, because we often do it of our own volition. Exercise your freedom, be kind to one another, and keep it classy.


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