Feminist Press Conference

September 16, 2008 | NeW Staff

Today is the day that some of the big feminist organizations in America, “will make a decisive announcement regarding the 2008 presidential election.”

Event Details: September 16, 2008, 12:30pm at the National Press Club
Speaker Details: Kim Gandy, National Organization for Women PAC Chair
Ellie Smeal, Feminist Majority PAC Chair
Deborah Frett, CEO of Business and Professional Women/PAC
Betsy Clark, NASW-PACE, Executive Director
E. Faye Williams, National Chair, National Congress of Black Women
Kristy Pagan, Chair, Women’s Information Network

What are they going to announce?  I don’t know, but I anticipate some announcement that they, 1) represent all women, 2) are frustrated and 2) are organizing a coalition dealing with Sarah Palin and female voters.

Will they repeat sometime similar to Gandy’s original announcement about Sarah Palin?  She said, “Sen. John McCain’s choice of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate is a cynical effort to appeal to disappointed Hillary Clinton voters and get them to vote, ultimately, against their own self-interest.

Gov. Palin may be the second woman vice-presidential candidate on a major party ticket, but she is not the right woman. Sadly, she is a woman who opposes women’s rights, just like John McCain.”

Or one of Ellie Smeal’s comments, “John McCain just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand women voters and especially Hillary voters.  Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton. You can’t attract Hillary voters and women voters with a woman opposed to what Hillary stands for.”

Should be interesting.

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