Fashionably Political

June 17, 2008 | NeW Staff

    Wednesday, I bought a dress.  As with all new purchases I’m particularly excited about, I’ve left it to hang on the door to my closet to admire it until its time for it to be worn. It’s black and white, conservative but still young. It is classic enough that I should be able to wear it at least a few years before I’ll have to put it away for when it cycles back into fashion. Knowing my new, wonderful dress has only a few years of fashionable life got me thinking about how alike fashion and politics are.

    Especially in today’s political climate, I will not pretend that being a conservative is in fashion. When the perfect accessory to the new free people dress and urban bag is an Obama pin, what chance do we have to be in style? I wondered though is it simply in today’s climate that people are reluctant to be forward with their conservativism? I was drawn the famous quote by Winston Churchill, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.” While this quote was probably never uttered by Churchill, the point behind it is still important, people often view conservatives as heartless cynics while liberals are viewed as caring, benevolent and hopeful. 

    I must, however, disagree. I think it is the liberals who are cynical and the conservatives who are hopeful. Think about it, liberals do not believe that people are capable of making something of themselves, of working through obstacles. Liberals do not believe that there are ideals worth fighting for, worth dying for—they believe the only thing that could possibly motivate a war is money. 

    If we all stuck to the beaten fashion path then where would then fun be? We should be unafraid to wear what we feel like that morning. We should never be afraid to say that we are one of the 7% (or whatever single digit number it is now) that still supports President Bush. But the most important thing being in the minority is to be prepared. Know your enemy, know before whom you stand, understand their arguments, know your own and confront them with the irrefutable facts. But the crucial thing when making a statement; whether it be political or fashionable is to be prepared, do your research and wear it with confidence and pride.

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